Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alt-Folk Singer Michelle Shocked to Perform at San Francisco Pride // Update: Michelle Shocked SF Pride Performance Canceled!

(Originally written on 06/17/13): You may remember when Alternative Folk singer Michelle Shocked when on an ironic "God hates faggots" rants, which angered and confused her overwhelmingly gay-friendly fans. It didn't help that Shocked refused to directly respond to questions over this confusing dialogue. Shocked's American concerts were all canceled, which led to a series of artsy protests by Shocked herself.

Shocked eventually went on CNN's Piers Morgan program a few weeks later and responded about the "God hates faggots" discussion. She also very directly expressed her support for LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. Too bad that most people had stopped supporting her by the time this interview aired.

Fast forward to now. The San Francisco Examiner has announced that they will be hosting a free concert by Michelle Shocked on June 30th, the last day of SF Pride.

I have already seen calls for protests, which is unfortunate. Michelle Shocked could have prevented this career implosion by doing what she did on the CNN interview sooner. But she missed her opportunity to effectively finesse her message. I'm curious to see how things work out for her on June 30th.

Updated on 06/20/13: Turns out that things didn't worked out too well for Michelle Shocked or the San Francisco Examiner. After a few days of defending this concert and disputing the question about whether or not he is actually "promoting" it, SF Examiner president Todd Vogt announced yesterday that the Michelle Shocked concert is canceled:
After many people expressed outrage over his plans, Vogt said in a Wednesday, June 19 interview that he's "sick" over what's happened. Shocked's concert was to take place on the day of the San Francisco LGBT Pride parade and celebration.

He said the intention had been "to shine a light" on "bigotry and hatred, and to have Miss Shocked apologize for her comments and perform for free. It was intended to be a healing and good will gesture, and it has turned into something totally, totally different. It was never, ever my or our intention to upset people or to anger them. To the contrary, we were hoping this would help everybody move on and not only provide closure but maybe a fresh start."

Vogt added, "It has been misread and misrepresented and misreported, but it's obvious that while our intentions were good, they definitely were misguided, so I feel terrible personally, and never, ever intended this outcome."

From what I've seen of Michelle Shocked, I'm not entirely convinced that she would have actually apologized for what had happened before. At least, not adequately for that audience. On the other hand, she was promoting it this week and last week as a concert in support of Bradley Manning. I could get behind a concert in support of Bradley Manning.

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Anonymous said...

Jon, you really don't know what you are talking about. Michelle Shocked is a member of an evangelical church and believes the truth of the Bible as she reads it that homosexuality is a sin, for which people should be urged to repent. Her religious views tolerate, but do not accept, LGBT activities. She has never backed down from these religious views. See this in-depth interview for more information: