Saturday, June 22, 2013

BETTY & VERONICA #266: "Snow White & the Riverdale Dwarves"

I just finished reading BETTY & VERONICA #266, which continues a tradition of "Fairy Tale Princess" stories featuring Betty and Veronica and all of their friends. This issue was inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It was a pretty basic adaptation of the story. The Evil Queen (portrayed by Veronica) becomes jealous of the beautiful Snow White (portrayed by Betty). Snow White ends up seeking refuge in the home of seven hard-working dwarves (portrayed by Chuck, Dilton, Jughead, Kevin Keller, Mr. Weatherbee, Moose, and Pop Tate) before eating a poisonous apple that places her in a coma. Fortunately, the dwarves defeat the Evil Queen and the handsome Prince (portrayed by Archie) kisses the girl and turns Snow White into a Fairy Tale Bridezilla.

I've written before that I'm not a huge fan of the "Fairy Tale Princess" thing. I don't remember it being a big thing when I was growing up, but Disney seems to have built up the concept over the past couple decades. All that's to say, I'm pretty sure that this type of story appeals strongly to a different type of Archie Comics readership than folks like me -- and that's a good thing to market to a diverse readership!

What I liked: I loved the dwarves. I wish we could've seen less of Archie and the Woodsman (portrayed by Reggie) and much, much more of the dwarves! Writer Dan Parent and artist Jeff Schultz did a great job of combining together the Riverdale Pals (sans Gals) with the Disney dwarves and allowing elements from each genre to shine through. I'd love to see a sequel featuring just the dwarves someday:

What I didn't like: This is more of a commentary of this entire "Fairy Tale Princess" theme. I'm kind of tired of stories where Betty is cast as the virtuous Fairy Tale Princess and Veronica is cast as the wicked rival -- or as the co-Fairy Tale Princess that we've never heard of before -- such as the time when she portrayed Rapunzel's twin sister in BETTY & VERONICA #264. It would be nice for Veronica to play the princess and Betty to play to bad girl at least once.

Why couldn't Veronica be the Princess who cannot sleep because Bad Betty snuck a pea underneath her mattress? Or maybe Veronica could find herself being chased by the Big Bad Wolf as Little Red Riding Hood? Betty usually gets portrayed as a goody-goody girl, but I've also seen her as a schemer. It'd be fun to see that Betty again for a change:

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Veronica Lodge definitely is the bad girl, but with the heart of gold. That kind of lady is perfect for "film noir" scenarios. I'd love to see Roni cast as the femme fatale in a parody of, say, "The Maltese Falcon" or "Sunset Boulevard". But that wouldn't appeal to the pre-teen reader Betty and Veronica seems to be aiming for now.