Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bomb Squad in Downtown Iowa City Tonight // Updated on 06/11/13: Police Confirm Package Was Not A Bomb

(Originally written on 06/09/13): Husband Mark just came home from his office and asked me if I knew anything about the bombs. Turns out that the Iowa City Police Department has dispatched their bomb squad to downtown Iowa City. I did a quick search of local news sources and learned that they are investigating a suspicious package.


KCJJ has the most description information about the suspicious package on their Twitter account:
Iowa City Police say a note was left with a suspicious package at Dubuque and Washington Street and they plan on detonating it.
KCJJ posted the image above, which describes the bomb squad radio detonating the package. Other than that, I don't know much.

As always, I will post more once I learn more.

Updated on 06/11/13: The big news in this case is that police and FBI investigators have had the opportunity to review the remains of this package and determine that there never was a bomb:
With the assistance from the FBI, officials determined that the suspicious package was not a bomb or incendiary device, and at no time was the safety of the public jeopardized, according to a news release.
I remember a recent situation out of Linn County where somebody had left a package of donated clothing or food for people in need (with a noted describing the intent of that particular gift) and that was treated as a suspected bomb. I'm half-wondering if this was something similar. Some vendor left a package behind by mistake or somebody left a box of trash along the curb in hopes that someone else would pick it up.

Then again, we (the general public) have no idea what the note said.

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