Friday, June 28, 2013

D'Angelo at Scattergood Friends School -- 06/17/13

My youngest son just finished his second/final week at Scattergood Friends School's Spanish Language & Culture Camp. Scattergood Friends School is a nearby college-prep boarding school for high school students. It's affiliated with the Quakers and it has a very good reputation.

D'Angelo didn't participate in the residential camp, but instead traveled to and from the program every day. I was a little worried that he wouldn't like it, but he got along really well with the other students, as well as the instructors. He enjoyed most of the activities and learned some basic Spanish speaking skills. He also liked that he had more freedom with some of his free time and was generally trusted to make good decisions.

One of the camp counselors decided to start a camp blog early on in the program. She apparently wasn't able to maintain it after the first couple days, but it was still neat to see the student during some of their early activities. You can see the blog here. D'Angelo showed up on the second blog entry working on a weaving project. He ended up with a nice coaster, which we plan on giving to my mother later this summer. Check out this pic of him weaving:

I've written about Scattergood Friends School once before (here). I wrote earlier that I would love for D' to become a student at Scattergood Friends School some day, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Tuition currently ranges from $17,000-28,000 annually depending on whether or not students are commuting to the school or if they are boarding. Either way, that's the price of a car-plus every year. I'm sure we would qualify for some sort of financial assistance, but we would still be spending thousands annually for him to attend. But it doesn't hurt to dream (and maybe scheme), eh?

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