Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dogs Stolen from Fredericksburg, IA, Property Following Reports of Possible Animal Neglect

Here's an interesting story coming out of Chickasaw County, IA, which is about two hours north of me. I learned yesterday via Facebook about reports of alleged neglect of several dogs on a rural property outside Fredricksburg, IA. According to this blog article, there were "several" dogs on the property who were allegedly malnourished and lacking adequate supplies of water. It was suggested that nobody had lived in the house on the property for "quite some time."

Complaints were made to the Chickasaw County Sheriff's Office and someone apparently had investigated the property this past Friday and believed that there was adequate food, water, and shelter for the dogs. The Sheriff's Office reported that the dogs' owner was being given one week to provide medical records for all of the dogs.

Now KGAN is reporting that some of the dogs have gone missing from that property near Fredericksburg:
The two coon hound pups, and terrier were on a property reported for animal neglect. Miller says, they were part of eight dogs reported for neglect but not in serious danger. Deputies were working with the owners to improve conditions of the dogs, but someone reportedly stole the animals from the property. Deputies want the animals returned, so their health can be monitored.
It's actually pretty scary how many unattended dogs get stolen from rural properties around Iowa, with or without publicity about incidents of alleged animal neglect.

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