Saturday, June 1, 2013

Illinois Punts on Gay Marriage

The big news last night wasn't about something that happened, but about what failed to happen. The Illinois Senate voted 34-21 back in February to legalize same-sex marriage. After weeks of wrangling, the Illinois House of Representatives adjourned without voting on marriage equality. It had been reported earlier that the bill had a minimum of 60 legislative supporters, but apparently 12 of those Representatives decided that they couldn't support this bill now. I understand that this bill may come up again in November.

Six months ago, I thought that Illinois was the "sure thing" state for marriage equality. Since then, the rest of the New England states have stepped up, as did Minnesota. It's disappointing, but at least gay and lesbian couples in Illinois have the option of civil unions.

NOM is already complaining that "the media" isn't covering this issue as much as if the House has voted for marriage. Of course, nothing happened last night. They just maintained the status quo. On the other hand, if they had voted in favor of marriage, then Illinois would have become the 13th marriage equality state. If they had voted against marriage, then there would be a vote to report on. As it is, the vote was essentially punted until some unspecified future date.

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