Monday, June 10, 2013

Iowa City Man Charged/Arrested for Detonating Fireworks Near Bomb Squad Investigation

As of this moment, there hasn't been much released about the Iowa City Police Department's bomb squad investigation into a suspicious package and note (which was subsequently destroyed by the police). However, there was one arrest last night for a similar, but separate incident is close proximity to this police investigation.

According to KCJJ, one Iowa City man has found himself in the county jail after he allegedly exploded a fire cracker. It didn't turn out well for him:
Police now say that as the investigation was continuing just after 11:30pm 32-year-old Steven Abraham Crittenden of Dolphin Lake Point Enclave threw of lit Silver Bomb Cracker M-88 in front of the nearby Deadwood, causing a loud explosion. Crittenden went inside the bar, came back out and attempted to flee the scene on his bicycle. He was stopped by police and denied knowing anything about the fireworks, although two more Silver Bomb Crackers were found on his person.
Crittenden was arrested and charged with Reckless Use of Explosive, Possession of Fireworks, Interference with Official Acts, and Public Intoxication. He could spend over a year in jail if convicted of all this.

I should clarify that Crittenden was not arrested as a result of the bomb squad incident. It's unknown if he had anything to do with that. It should also be noted that he has not been convicted of his charges and is innocent until proven guilty.

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