Sunday, June 9, 2013

KEVIN KELLER #9: Kevin's Vacation from Heck!

I really enjoyed reading KEVIN KELLER #9, which was released last week. It tells the story of Kevin and his family as they plan a cross-country driving adventure to attend a celebration to celebrate his father's accomplishments. Somehow, Kevin's old best friend (Wendy), his new best friend (Veronica), and his boyfriend (Devon) all manage to shoe-horn themselves into this family outing. Imagine two adults, five teens, and one girl riding in an RV for any amount of time. Now imagine that two of them are Devon and Veronica. It was quite funny.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about Devon. He was introduced in KEVIN KELLER #7 as Kevin's "bad boy" boyfriend. At the time, I couldn't see it. I mean, everyone told me that he was trouble. I just never saw it. We saw it in this issue, which was comical!

The issue starts out with Kevin and his old friends, Wendy and William working as lifeguards at the beach. After he got chased away from his working boyfriend, devious Devon hatched a plan to get some attention. Check this out:

This whole scene made me laugh. Not only was Devon plotting, but crazy Tribble-guy Paul pulled his own "I'm drowning(!)" stunt!

And there were the water-and-vinegar scenes between Veronica and Devon that threatened more than once to destroy this family vacation:

There were a few touching scenes, too. Devon and Kevin were probably the most believably affectionate throughout this issue of the comic book. Additionally, the seeds were sewn to possibly reunite Devon with his estranged parents, which would be nice to see eventually.

I really like how this book is unfolding. Kevin Keller has a strong supporting cast that includes his family, Riverdale mainstay Veronica Lodge, his old friends from junior high school, his boyfriend, and his boyfriend's rival. And, interestingly enough, the book has become gayer and gayer without ever mentioning the word "gay"!



I finally got to read this story, Jon. I liked it, especially the part at the end dealing with Devon's family issues, but . . . shirtless guys without nipples? It's just bizarre. You can bet Dan Parent wouldn't draw topless girls that way!

Anthony said...

Nice issue. Noticed the forward (for Archie) "I may need mouth to mouth" line... wonder if Devon's related to Reggie. :-p