Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Local Businesses Known for Selling Synthetic Drugs Raided Earlier Today

Very good news. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies teamed up today to raid businesses in Iowa City and nearby Cedar Rapids. These three businesses are fairly well known locally for selling synthetic drugs. The two businesses in Iowa City were The Den and In-Zone and the two business in Cedar Rapids was YR Dollar Stop Liquor & Tobacco.

According to Iowa City Patch, this was part of a nationwide effort to address this growing epidemic. 150 federal arrest warrants and 375 federal search warrants were served today in 35 states, 49 cities, and five countries. The Drug Enforcement Administration reportedly arrested and/or investigated retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of these synthetic drugs.

I have written a few times recently about synthetic drugs, such as when Iowans Against Synthetics protested outside The Den back in April 2013 for selling synthetic drugs to adults and children.

And then there was the time back in May 2013 when I shared information indicating that Iowa City has become the top supplier of Synthetic Drugs in Eastern Iowa.

Lastly, I shared a powerful video by this young man who described his addiction to spice (AKA one particular brand of synthetic drug) and the symptoms that he experienced while using them.

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