Monday, June 3, 2013

One Million Moms Hate SheZow

You've heard of the One Million Moms group. They're some phantom group of angry social conservatives who send out e-mails complaining about this media event or that. They began back in early 2012 when they complained about Archie Comics, Toys R Us, and LIFE WITH ARCHIE #16 (which featured the wedding of former gay teen Kevin Keller to his new husband, Dr. Clay Walker). Their protest brought renewed attention to LIFE WITH ARCHIE #16 and caused the book to sell out. Since them the One Million Moms have complained about pretty much everything. They complained when JC Penny's hired Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson. They complained when Geico had their pig make some joke that ruffled them the wrong way. They launched a boycott of the Green Lantern cartoon when DC Comics' EARTH 2 comic book introduced a gay Green Lantern -- a character who incidentally never appears in the Green Lantern cartoon.

Anyway, One Million Moms have issued their latest complaint against The Hub network because of their newest cartoon, SheZow, which features a boy whose magic ring transforms him into a kick-ass female super-hero. That transformation is way too upsetting for the Moms because some boy might get gender-confused next time he finds a magic ring and then need an ex-gay therapist. Or something:
Warning to all parents! This Saturday, June 1, the premiere of the transgender superhero show "SheZow" will air on Hub at 12:30 p.m. ET/11:30 a.m. CT/9:30 a.m. PT. The media is determined to pollute the minds of our children and there is no better way to desensitize them than through a cartoon program. Everyone knows children are drawn to animated shows; both boys and girls love superheroes. This character especially will appeal to both boys and girls since the superhero represents both genders by cross dressing and being transgendered. This dude becomes the FEMALE superhero SheZow dressed in pink and purple.  
The Hub network, co-owned by Discovery and Hasbro (children's toy company), produced the "SheZow" show which follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Guy who uses a magic ring from his deceased Aunt to transform himself into a crime-fighting girl. Yes, you read that correctly. When Guy says the magic words "You go girl!" he becomes SheZow the superhero.  
Christian parents don't need a TV show to contribute to what might be a real problem for some children. Loving your child is to teach them right from wrong and find help when they need it. We are all sinners, but we try to do better and get help when and where we need it in our lives. Thousands of Christian counselors and pastors are available all across the country to help anyone who is struggling with any kind of sin including homosexuality, gender identity disorder, gender confusion or gender dysphoria.
Let's be clear. The kid in this show isn't confused about his gender. He is a boy whose body magically transforms into a female super-hero body. Kind of kind Captain Marvel (AKA Shazam) is a boy whose body magically into an adult male super-hero body. It's fantasy. It's not real. SheZow has nothing to do with the LGBT communities or the transgender community in particular. The kids get this. Unfortunately, the One Million Moms and their ilk have an agenda to promote and a cartoon to pervert.

Check out this clip from SheZow and see if you think this cartoon will send kids in droves to ex-gay counselors:

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