Monday, July 22, 2013

Archie Comics to Create Lesbian Character?

I really haven't heard too much about Archie Comics coming out of this past weekend's San Diego Comic Con, but this tweet managed to catch my attention:
Keep in mind that this was not an official announcement and I've learned over the years to take some of these answers with a grain of salt.

Here is my pick for a retro-gay character, assuming that they do indeed introduce a lesbian character: Pepper!:

Pepper's smart and practical and she's been out of circulation (outside of digest reprints) for most of my life. It's been argued to me that she's a bit of a stereotype. But most comic book characters are. And I think Pepper is a mixed bag of cliché and interesting personality quirks.

Plus, I keep hearing that Kevin Keller (Riverdale's resident gay guy) is bland and boring. Well, Pepper isn't bland or boring. She is smart and opinionated and she has a sharp temper. Think about the fun...

How about you? What character traits would you like to see in a Riverdale lesbian? Would you rather see an old character re-done or would you rather see a brand new character? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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