Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Criminal Charges Pending Over Satanic Same-Sex Weddings

This past weekend, I wrote about a group of people from the New York-based Satanic Temple over their "Pink Mass" same-sex wedding ceremonies. They performed their "Pink Mass" wedding ceremonies over the grave of Catherine Johnston. She was the mother of Fred Phelps, the infamous anti-gay/anti-American founder of Westboro Baptist Church. They posted pictures of the ceremonies and posted instructions for how others can perform their own Pink Mass ceremonies.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the point of these wedding protests. Bill Arlinghaus, owner of Magnolia Cemetery, has filed a complaint with the Meridian Police Department:
"Meridian Police have reached out and spoken to Mr. Arlinghaus of Magnolia Cemetery," says Captain Dean Harper of the Meridian Police Department. "We are in the process now of constructing affidavits and warrants against these individuals, and we will have them arrested as soon as we can... It is an unusual crime that we haven't come across to my knowledge in awhile," says Harper. "Not only does it violate a state and city ordinance, but it also violates the moral decency of a human being."
The article states that Satanic Temple members face charges of trespassing, indecent exposure, and malicious mischief. (It should be noted that one of the Temple members rubbed his exposed penis over Johnston's grave, hence the indecent exposure charge.)

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Needless to say, this kind of thing is NOT what marriage equality is all about, nor are 99.9% of Gay couples looking to hold disgraceful "wedding ceremonies" like these. But of course, the radical Right Wing will latch on to this incident and claim that it represents Gay people in general.