Friday, July 5, 2013

Des Moines Woman Sentenced to 2 Years Probation for Hanging Boyfriend's Dog

You might remember an incident from this past April when a Des Moines woman found herself arrested and charged with animal cruelty after she decided to hang her boyfriend's pit bull terrier mix in their garage. The 15-year-old dog was named Lillie and her crime? She was too old and she barked too much. This case got processed pretty quickly as we learned this afternoon that 28-year-old Sheena Cornwell has pleaded guilty and is now facing two years of probation in connection to this act of animal cruelty:
Sheena Ann Cornwell, 28, had pleaded guilty to charges of animal torture, an aggravated misdemeanor. She could have been sentenced to as long as two years in prison and up to $6,250 in fines.

Cornwell was fined $625, plus a surcharge, and sentenced to two years of probation, during which she can’t own pets or reside in their presence. She will also undergo a psychological evaluation and treatment. If Cornwell violates the terms of her probation, she will be imprisoned for the rest of the two-year term.
The Des Moines Register notes that Cornwell was drunk when this incident occurred.

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Anonymous said...

This woman is a monster. She should have been sentenced to have her tubes tied. She doesn't need to reproduce. Those who abuse animals are very likely to abuse humans. - TLSF Los Angeles