Monday, July 29, 2013

"It's Archie" Cartoon Being Produced!

Last October, Archie Comics announced at the New York Comic Con that they were working on a new cartoon series featuring Little Archie. Earlier today, Archie Comics and Moonscoop LLC officially announced this new animation project: "It's Archie:"
It’s Archie features Archie and pals as 12-year olds at Riverdale Junior High. Like most tweens, the group struggles with everyday issues like peer pressure, boy vs. girl competition, pie eating contests, chores and homework. However in this world they encounter loopy capers involving mad scientists, aliens in the janitor’s closet, pirates, lake monsters and more.
There has been a lot of discussion over on the Archie Comics Fan Forum about the artwork and the young ages of the characters. Personally, I'm glad to see the product out there for new viewers to enjoy.

No clue when It's Archie will air, though it's apparently debuting at Cannes this fall.



UGH! Manga-style animation! I detest manga! And once again, the characters are depicted as little brats. Looks like "The New Archies" all over again. Nothing surpasses the original 1968-9 CBS TV series, in my opinion.

Jon said...

I did like the old Archie and Sabrina cartoons. Those were good!

I'm interested in seeing how these latest cartoons turn out. They remind me of a lot of the other current stuff out there. My son doesn't want cartoons as much as he used to, but it doesn't throw me off as much as it seems to throw off other fans. I wouldn't call this artwork manga. I'm not sure how I'd describe it though.

Like I noted above, Archie Comics noted that they were doing a Little Archie cartoon late last year so the age thing makes sense to me.

Personally, I'm glad that they followed through with it. Sometimes I worry that they throw out random plans as conventions and then drop them without any follow-up. Looking back at the 2012 New York Comic Con notes, pretty much everything is materializing: The Archie mobile phone/ipad game, the Dilton mini-series, the Little Archie cartoon, the Sabrina cartoon continues to chug along... Katy Keene is the only thing we haven't seen yet. I'm wondering if she'll show up as another digital exclusive series like Dilton and Reggie & Me?


Katy Keene always reminds me of the heyday of Brenda Starr, Reporter. Do you remember that strip, Jon? If you were a little boy who liked to read Brenda Starr, your sexuality/gender expression was considered a dead giveaway! But I started cartooning by imitating the fashions Dale Messick drew for Brenda.