Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Man Eggs UCC Church Over Gay Marriage

I wrote earlier this month about Pilgrims United Church of Christ in Maple Grove, MN. The church has been repeatedly vandalized throughout the summer because of its gay-affirming beliefs. The local police installed cameras around the church in anticipation of the date when same-sex couples will begin legally marrying in that state. Those cameras caught this man egging Pilgrims UCC from his wheelchair. Now he is facing criminal charges. It is unclear if he is the one responsible for the earlier acts of vandalism at the church. Check out this screen shot of him tossing an egg at the church!:

This latest act of vandalism took place this past Sunday morning. The police had responded to new reports of eggs thrown at the church's front door and additional bits of written graffiti against homosexuality on the church building's siding.

What the following news footage for images of the suspect tossing eggs at the church. He's in a wheelchair, though police noted that he might be in the wheelchair in order to disguise his true identity and abilities:

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