Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Poll: Support for Gay Marriage in Iowa Continues to Rise Slightly

Public Policy Polling released a new poll this week that asked Iowans about their support/lack of support for same-sex marriage. According to their latest polling data, the PPP found that Iowans now support same-sex marriage by a margin of 47/44. That's compared to a 41/48 support margin back in October 2011 and 46/43 support back in February 2013.

The same PPP poll found that 26% of Iowa voters believe that same-sex marriage has had a negative impact on their lives (an increase from 24% back in February 2013) compared to 74% of Iowans who've suffered no negative impact. I'm still left wondering what kinds of negative experiences those folks have suffered due to marriages like mine!

PPP noted that most of the opposition to marriage equality came from Iowa's senior citizens. We're talking 36% in favor compared to 57% opposed to same-sex marriages. The rest of Iowa supports same-sex marriage by a margin of 50/41.

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