Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Young Avengers #8": Gay Love Triangle

I've written a handful of times about one of my favorite comics coming out of Marvel Comics these days: YOUNG AVENGERS! (here, here, and here) Back in early 2012, I noted that Marvel was hinting at the gay wedding of its top gay teens, Hulkling and Wiccan. One of the underlying sources of dramatic tension within the new YOUNG AVENGERS book centers around Hulkling's worrisome fear that Wiccan is subconsciously using magic to trick them into loving each other. It's one of those thoughts that Loki snuck into Hulkling's head and now it won't go away.

During the last couple issues, the Young Avengers and their new teammate Prodigy have been dimension-hopping in search of Wiccan's missing brother and a phantom thief who looks like one of the former Young Avengers. An unexpected hiccup at the end of YOUNG AVENGERS #8 left Hulkling and Prodigy stranded alone in a hostile dimension where the unexpected happened:

This is a shocking development! I never knew that Prodigy was gay or bi or ever sexually interested in guys. But I guess he has a thing for hulkish green brutes. I can see the allure!

Maybe this is true love. Maybe it's temporary lust. Maybe it's the result of mind-altering magic coming out of Wiccan or the evil Mother. Either way, this was a truly unexpected ending to an energetic issue! I can't wait to see what happens next!

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