Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Kevin Keller #10": Kevin Keller's First Same-Sex Smooch

I just finished KEVIN KELLER #10, which featured the infamous first kiss between Kevin Keller and his boyfriend Devon. Here was the solicitation:
KEVIN KELLER #10: "A Kiss ISN'T Just a Kiss!" -- We've all heard of PDA (public displays of affection), and how sometimes it's appropriate, but other times it goes too far. When Kevin gives Devon a simple goodbye kiss, reactions ignite in peculiar fashion. And when one person overreacts, the debate begins: what's appropriate and what it not. What's even more surprising is who's on Kevin's side of the debate -- and it's not someone you would think! So pucker up, and enjoy the next chapter of Kevin's adventures in Riverdale!
Here's how it played out: Devon leaves Riverdale to reunite with his estranged father. He and Kevin kiss each other goodbye, which freaks out a passing mother. She lectures Kevin about inappropriate public displays of affection, which creates a stir within Pop Tate's restaurant. Veronica records the whole exchange on her cell phone and immediately posts it on YouTube. The video goes viral and everyone (including Ellen) throws in their two cents about whether or not it's appropriate for gay teens to kiss in public.

I really liked the last couple issues, but I thought this issue was a bit heavy-handed. When I first read that original solicitation, I was hoping for more of a debate about the kiss. As it was, everyone turned out to support Kevin and tell Nora Felshop that she's a crazy bigot -- including her little girl! I think the story would have had more weight if we would've seen some of the Riverdale regulars made uncomfortable by Kevin's kiss. That said, it was funny to see Mr. Weatherbee and Miss Grundy wearing a pair of those red marriage equality t-shirts!

It was most interesting for me to watch Devon reconnect with his father. It's clear that his father is uncomfortable with a gay son, but he's doing his best. Meanwhile, Devon's trying to maintain a media black-out at the house to prevent his dad from seeing any of the news footage of "The Kiss." Devon ends up returning to Veronica's home at the end of the issue, but it's clear that relations are improving for the pair!

It was an okay issue, just not one of my favorites. But it's good that we've finally crossed this threshold. Hopefully future kisses shouldn't be so controversial in the future.


Anthony said...

Yeah, hopefully Kevin will get to kiss in the future, sans media coverage (in-universe or real-life). ;-)

I liked the "12 Million Moms" shots (heh, 212 members....).

And pretty sure Pop's thrown people out of the Chocklit Shoppe before---all those unpaid tabs of Jughead's come to mind.

Wondered why they Ronnie didn't just delete the YouTube video before it went viral...

And finally, guess they didn't want to show the Riverdale regulars objecting, presumably to emphasize acceptance. That, and seeing Devon's dad's discomfort with gays might've been enough in one issue?



Don't know when I'll get to buy Kevin Keller #10, because the budget's tight right now. But I do have Life With Archie #31, and on behalf of Clay Walker-Keller, I would like to sue for divorce from Kevin. The reason? NEGLECT! Kevin Keller's love is ice cold: No nooky, no snogging, not even a kiss at the wedding! This marriage is barren!