Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's Wrong With Sugar Bear?

It's been a horrible year for Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." He's been in the hospital or assessed by EMT crews several times since last summer. Back in May, it was reported that Sugar Bear was undergoing "tests of his brains" following several incidents of dizziness and unconsciousness. He was hospitalized while tests were completed, but they ultimately did not reveal the results of those tests.

Unfortunately, it appears that Sugar Bear continues to undergo tests for these same symptoms except this time he's up at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, according to Facebook reports by the family. We first learned about Jacksonville from Mama June on Sunday afternoon:
Well everyone plz keep sugarbear in our thought as we r leaving mcintrye to head to Jacksonville to the mayo clinic to see what they will say in the am we r all nervous to c what will b done with everything will update when we hear something ‪#‎nervous‬ and ‪#‎hoping‬ for the best...
Uncle Poodle (Sugar Bear's younger brother) offered more details about why they were heading to Mayo:
Plz keep my brother Sugarbear in ur prayers... we r heading to the Mayo Clinic we've been waiting nts for this appt... he has episodes where he blacks out & meds aren't working so got to find the cause & solution, prayin it's nothing serious! Thanks in advance!
Then yesterday, Mama June posted a Facebook update essentially saying that they need to run more tests. Fortunately, Uncle Poodle gave us more information about where things currently stand:
Update on Shorty (Sugarbear, my brother): He's doing ok... had several test run after we saw the Neuro dr this AM. We got to go back for more test tomorrow... hoping for answers soon! Looks like we'll be here all week to run tests and more appts to get the right diagnosis and treatment sugarbear needs so will update more later when we actually know something. Thanks for all the thoughts/prayers/concerns!
So that's what I know. I will post more when I learn more. In the meantime, I offered my positive thoughts and prayers to Sugar Bear and his family as they figure out how to best help him get better.


Julie Rosenson said...

keep us posted, Jon.

Julie Rosenson said...

Good job, Jon. Keep us updated.