Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Doctor Who" Turns 50!

I finished watching the 50th Anniversary special of "Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor" of BBC America. It was a great show filled with lots of tributes to this show, beginning with the opening credits -- pulled from the very first episode! We saw the 11th Doctor and Clara, plus the 10th Doctor and his wife Queen Elizabeth I (how many wives did he have??), plus Rose Tyler AKA the Big Bad Wolf, plus the previously unseen War Doctor, plus the Curator AKA the 4th Doctor (??) AKA Tom Baker, plus UNIT, plus the Zygons, plus the Apocalyptic Gallifreyan/Dalek Time War, etc... It was pretty good.

Here are my general take-aways:

1. Matt Smith and David Tennant were brilliant together. I've not been a huge fan of the current/soon-to-be-former Doctor, but these guys were very good with the banter.

2. John Hurt as the suppressed War Doctor was a great concept, but I can't help thinking that I would've preferred to see the role played by 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston or by the 8th Doctor Paul McGann.

3. The Time War didn't end quite like we'd expected that it did -- so there's hope again for the return of the Time Lords and Gallifrey.

4. I'm really glad that I saw the 6-minute webisode "Night of the Doctor" last week. It showed the 8th Doctor's final moments and his regeneration into the War Doctor. It's great that we've seen Paul McGann's first and final adventure on screen. I just wish we had the opportunity to see more of the in-between time!!

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Katy Anders said...

Haven't watched it yet because I am going to see it in a movie theater on Monday.

I do hope they can get out of their nostalgia mode after this mega-episode.