Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gay Marriage in America

I found an updated map of the USA -- post Hawaii becoming a marriage equality state. Technically, this isn't accurate until 06/01/13 when New Jersey's law goes into effect -- assuming there are no additional marriage equality states before then! Check it out:



Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Oregon could be next. What will be really interesting is the 2016 presidential election. The Obamacare slip-ups could hurt the Democrats but do Republicans really have the nerve to run on another anti-gay platform when the momentum is clearly in favor of gay rights?

Jon said...

I keep thinking New Mexico will be next. Then again, New Jersey, Illinois, and Hawaii have taken the plunge since then so what do I know?? Frankly, most of the states that have become marriage equality states this year have taken me completely by surprise. Minnesota? Hawaii? Various American Indian tribes?

Regarding Obamacare, I doubt it'll be a huge factor in 2016 unless the software continues to glitch and/or the Dems go along with the GOP and start making adjustments to the law to make it essentially ineffective.

Jon said...

That said, it might have negative consequences next year during the mid-term elections!