Monday, December 30, 2013

"Afterlife With Archie #3": Who's Infected?

You might remember this November 2013 blog article about AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #2 where I finished with the following image. Basically, we readers were teased with the question of which member of the Riverdale Gang is already infected with Sabrina's zombie spell? Here were the choices: Archie? Veronica? Betty? Moose? Midge? Dilton? Chuck? Reggie? Or Kevin?

Archie's online fans were polled and here are the results:

Moose is clearly in the lead with 28% of the vote followed by Reggie and Midge with 14% and 13% of the vote, respectively.

I also believe that Moose is the one who's infected. He had a lot of contact with Jughead and most of it was off-panel. I could say the same thing about Archie, but I really don't see him becoming a zombie in the near future. But my second choice remains Betty. What do you want to be that Zombie Ethel scratched our favorite Good Girl? Plus, the second story arc is titled "R.I.P. Betty," which kind of hints at her demise.

Who's you choice? Do you agree with me and the majority of Archie fandom about Moose's infection? Or do you march to a different drummer's beat?


Anonymous said...

I say they stun the world and it's Melody! Ha Ha. I'm thinking Kevin will be a zombie shortly, possibly next. For some reason, I don't think Archie ever will be. I think he'll be the last live human standing and collaborate with Sabrina when she gets back from her banishment to fix the situation. The only problem is if Afterlife continues to be their biggest seller, they can't afford to fix it.

Jon said...

Kevin *does* seem to be the only happy guy during the apocalypse!