Friday, December 6, 2013

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate: Nebraska's Constitution is Attacked Every Time A Gay Couple Walks Down the Aisle!

Nebraska Republican candidate for governor Beau McCoy was not happy when he learned that the Douglas County Board decided to offer equal benefits to any legally married employee -- regardless if the couple in question is an opposite-sex married couple or a same-sex married couple:
"Make no mistake," the Omaha state senator said, "every time same-sex couples get the same recognition as a married couple, the Nebraska Constitution and the will of Nebraskans gets undermined... As governor, I will not allow the institution of marriage or our constitution to be attacked by expanding state benefits to state employees in same-sex relationships who get married in other states."
I was born and (mostly) raised in Nebraska. I had my first same-sex crushes as a young teen in small-town Nebraska. But there are many reasons why I will likely never move back to the neighboring state of Nebraska with my family, unlike Minnesota where I spent my teen years.

Nebraska passed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage back in 2000. The same constitutional amendment also bans recognition of other types of same-sex relationships, such as civil unions or domestic partnerships. Frankly, it's unclear to me (someone who explicitly supports marriage equality) how equal marriage benefits in Douglas County are constitutionally allowable.

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