Monday, December 2, 2013

Iowa Candidate for Governor Tyler Olson Announces his Marital Separation // Temporary Scaling Back of his Campaign

There are three main Democratic leaders who have stepped up and expressed their strong interest in running for governor here in Iowa in 2014: State Senator Jack Hatch, former State Representative Bob Krause, and State Representative Tyler Olson. I could easily get behind each three of these guys, but Olson is my favorite. He has been gathering a lot of steam and recently received the endorsement of my labor union AFSCME.

And then came the sad news earlier today that Tyler Olson and his wife are in the process of separating and that his campaign is being paused for a month or so:
I am saddened to announce today that my wife Sarah and I are separating. This decision was made only after significant discussion and professional support to deal with the issues facing our marriage. We are working through divorce proceedings but remain friends whose number one priority is the happiness and well being of our children.

The decision about whether to continue the race is complicated, starting with the needs of my kids and my core belief Iowans will have greater opportunity with a new perspective in Terrace Hill. This has been a fact of life since the start of my family: Sarah and I married while I was running for the Iowa House and both my kids were born during my service there.

While this is a family matter, because of my candidacy for Governor I felt it necessary to publicly acknowledge the situation. I am scaling back campaign events for the remainder of the year to focus on my family and helping them through this transition. I am deeply committed to this race for governor, as I believe Iowans will have greater opportunity with a governor with a strong, positive vision for the future. I plan to resume my campaign after the holidays.
I am saddened that Olson and his family are going through this break-up and I truly hope that it doesn't mean the end of his campaign.

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