Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nero at Daycare -- 12/12/13

I really feel bad for my dogs. I arranged for them both to get short haircuts right before the first sub-zero cold freeze of the 2013/14 winter season! Ms. Lion loves sweaters and jackets, but Nero's too much of a free spirit. He's rather run around in the buff -- but his buff ain't enough in this cold! As a result, his daily walks have suddenly become one-minute sprints!

Which is why it's good that he has doggy daycare to visit every few days! He likes the company, but he also needs to opportunity to romp and play without destroying our home or getting frostbite between his toes!

Today was no exception! Nero was pretty excited when he first arrived. One of his favorite caretakers was around. He got all excited and even gave her a hug. He then ran around in the back area for a while before playing in the heated area with a bunch of his friends. Check it out:

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I know all about Nero and his nudity fetish. When he sat at my desk and designed Kevin Keller's superhero costume, he was head-to-toe starkers! But I didn't get upset about it because, you know, artists can be eccentric. I dare say I've cartoon'd in the buff once or twice my damn self.