Monday, December 2, 2013

North Liberty Woman Charged With Domestic Abuse

(Sondra Irving)
Police were called about a domestic violence situation at a home in nearby North Liberty, IA, on Thanksgiving. 26-year-old Sondra Irving was arrested and charged with domestic-abuse assault with intent or displaying a weapon, domestic-assault impeding breathing or circulation with bodily injury, and child endangerment. This particular domestic abuse situation involved a female couple and it sounds pretty rough:
(T)he woman reportedly said Irving assaulted her in a fight, which first began in the kitchen. The argument started with the victim getting struck across the face. The fight moved into the garage, and the woman stated Irving shouted at her 5-year-old daughter to retrieve a knife. The child brought a large knife to Irving, and Irving began charging at the woman and swinging the knife at her.
Irving pinned allegedly her against a wall in the garage and pushed her thumbs into the victim’s throat. She said this caused difficulty breathing, and she thought she might lose her life.
A knife was located in the kitchen sink with the blade broken from the handle. The woman positively identified this knife. The woman and Irving sustained injuries, but Irving denied any altercation took place.
The Press-Citizen reports that Irving blew a .096 into a breathalyzer.

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