Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rep. Tyler Olson Officially Ends Campaign for Iowa Governor

I was a fan of State Representative Tyler Olson's campaign for the 2014 Iowa governor race. Then early this month, he suddenly announced that he and his wife were getting divorced and that he was temporarily scaling back his campaign. Today, I found the following sad message on Facebook:
Thank you to everyone that reached out with words of encouragement and support the last two weeks. While focused on supporting my children through the transition in my personal life it is clear they need my full attention. It is time to end my campaign for Governor.

I will continue to focus on my family, finish my term as state representative, rejoin Paulson Electric and look for opportunities to serve my community as time allows.

Thank you to all the friends, supporters and volunteers that joined my campaign. I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you still believe as I do that Iowa’s brightest days are ahead.

Best wishes for a peaceful and bright holiday season.
This is why I usually avoid claiming a candidate too early. I didn't even decide to officially support Hillary Clinton for U.S. President until the night of the Iowa Caucus! Too much can change before an election.

But I really like Representative Tyler Olson and I truly believe he would have made an excellent governor for Iowa. But props to him for putting his children first.

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