Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Where is Sven? // Updated Sven Appearances!

(Jon & Sven)
(Originally written on 12/05/13): Arrived today at work and was immediately informed of a new fun activity to kick off the holiday spirit. One of my co-workers found a little snowman and named it Sven. Sven was hidden somewhere in the office area. Folks in my office have been tasked with finding Sven's elusive hiding place. Guess who found Sven first (during my lunch hour!!)??

This of course makes me the coolest co-worker in my department. That just had to be said.

I was immediately tasked with finding a new hiding place for Sven. So far, nobody has tracked him down. Part of the fun is coming up with oblique clues about his new hiding place. I'm still brainstorming multiple clues -- because I'm fairly certain that nobody will locate Sven in the littlie nest that I created for him.

One co-worker in particular keeps hanging on every word I utter. For some reason, she believes that I'm already giving out clues. Fortunately, none of my fake clues have led to his real hidey-hole!

Updated on 12/10/13: I'm developing quite the obsession with our little wooden snowman! Despite my best efforts, I missed my opportunity yesterday to find Sven in one of his latest hiding places. Fortunately, I managed to photo-bomb my co-worker Jen's snowman selfie!

Fortunately, I found the elusive snowman early this morning, prompting a selfie of my own!

I hid Sven this morning and sent out my big clue late this afternoon (since I won't be in the office most of the morning tomorrow), which led to his discovery at the very tail-end of today.

It has been suggested by more than a couple of my co-workers -- as well as Husband Mark -- that I'm becoming a bit too obsessed with finding Sven. So I'm going to do my best to sit back and let the others finish out the season. But it's cool to note that I was not only the first person to find Sven, but also the first person to find him twice!

Updated on 12/11/13: I couldn't resist myself! I learned this morning's clue while on an outing and I knew where he was right away! How could I not search for the unseen snowman??

I can't help myself! I'm addicted to seeking Sven! I don't know how to quit him!!

There is a steady stream of voices -- including several of my more competitive co-workers, my husband, and my son's birth grandmother -- who've encouraged me to take a step back. It has been suggested that I close my eyes and sit back on my hands and let others play with Sven.

I hereby vow to do my best to sever my ties with Sven the Snowman. Please keep me in your prayers...

Updated on 12/13/13: It was too difficult to resist the clues today. I ended up finding Sven hidden in a cubby-hole located behind the copier machine!:

Updated on 12/16/13: I just can't help myself. I've been drawn to this snowy siren so often, I'm beginning to think that he's purposely reaching out mentally for me! -- Or else they're just running out of hiding places!

Oh Sven...

Updated on 12/19/13: I went through some Sven withdrawals today. First I found the little guy's latest hiding place, left him in peace, and then helped a co-worker who hadn't had the good fortune of finding him yet. She was pretty excited to get some Sven time before finding a new hiding place for the little guy.

So I felt a little less guilty for deciphering the latest set of clues and finding Sven at the end of my work day. It's likely going to be a long weekend due to bad weather and I just couldn't resist my favorite wooden snowman!

Updated on 12/24/13: Today was the last day to search for Sven. Nobody found him over the past two work days, so I began searching early this morning. I found Sven hidden amongst some hole-punchers. I took one last selfie and then hid him away with my final clue:

But while searching for Sven, I ran across a totally new snowman in our office! I still have no idea who hid this new wannabe, but he's a cutie! Check him out:

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