Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another Methodist Minister Going to Church Court for Officiating at Gay Son's Wedding

Rev. Thomas Ogletree might be retired as a pastor within the United Methodist Church and as dean of Yale Divinity School, but that hasn't stopped officials within the denomination from pressing charges and sending him to "church court."

Rev. Ogletree is in trouble for officiating at his son's 2012 wedding to another man. He recently said that he could not refuse his son's request to lead the wedding and has no regrets for this action. In fact, he said he'd probably do it again.

Charges were filed by a group of Methodist clergy and supported by Bishop Martin D. McLee. Rev. Ogletree's church trial has been scheduled for March 10, 2014.

Assuming that Rev. Ogletree is convicted of violating the Methodist Book of Discipline, I'm not sure what will happen to him. He's already retired. Does he lose access to whatever pension system that the UMC offers to its retired minister? Feel free to educate me in the comments section if you happen to know.

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