Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Girls Return to Riverdale in BETTY & VERONICA #269!

It took me a few days, but I finally found some time to read BETTY & VERONICA #269. The past several issues have featured a series of fairy tale princess remakes featuring our two title characters and their friends. BETTY & VERONICA #269 brings the girls back to Riverdale where we see them (and Archie) navigate through "Just Another Day!"

The story is pretty simple, but visually quite interesting. It shows a day in the life of each of the three characters, broken down into three panels per page. Betty gets the top panel, Veronica gets the middle panel, and Archie gets the bottom panel. So, for example, page five shows Betty missing her school bus ride while Veronica is struggling to choose which car to drive to school while Archie's mom is yelling at him to get out of bed -- NOW!! The book follows that visual pattern from the beginning of their day until they all make it to the school dance -- with the exception of a few pages where the three teens converge with their activities. I thought it an interesting way to tell this story.

The story itself was a familiar one. Riverdale High will be hosting its Winter Blitz tonight. Both Betty and Veronica text Archie, asking/telling him to take them to the dance. This panel is just typical Archie, which makes me wonder sometimes what the girls see in him!:

All three eventually make it to the dance. But which girl gets the coveted date with Archie?

It's great to be back in Riverdale again with Betty and Veronica. I actually enjoyed the fairy tale princess stories more than anticipated, but it's great to find the girls back in the "real world" with Archie and the Riverdale Gang.

"Just Another Day!" is written by Dan Parent and penciled by Jeff Shultz.

Incidentally, BETTY & VERONICA #269 featured an advertisement for "Archie: Riverdale Rescue." Each month, Archie Comics has identified top game players who have done a great job of beautifying their own private Riverdales. I have an online friend named Kingsley who was the first person selected for the "My Riverdale Rocks" contest. His likeness has been "Archified" and he's scheduled to appear in LIFE WITH ARCHIE #34. Check out this preview:

Not only that, I just learned that another of my online friends just got selected for the "My Riverdale Rocks" contest and is now awaiting for his own Archification process!

I have to admit that I'm a little jealous! I'm toying with hiring a civil engineer to look at my own Riverdale and come up with some suggestions for improving my game!

Congrats Kingsley!!

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