Friday, February 21, 2014

Archie Comics to Introduce Physically Disabled Teen in Upcoming Comic Book!

I was checking out the newly released May 2014 Archie Comics solicits earlier today and they have some neat offering, including the Equalizer's premier in KEVIN KELLER #14, new stories in SONIC SUPER DIGEST #7, and undead adventures within AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #7. But here is what I'm really excited about: ARCHIE #656! This comic book features the debut of the latest in a long-run of Veronica Lodge cousins. Her name is Harper Lodge and she's the first disabled comic book character to appear in Archie Comics in a really long time. Check this out:
ARCHIE #656: "Let's Hear it for Harper" Veronica's cousin Harper is coming to Riverdale, where she's considering attending Riverdale High. When she arrives, they see something they weren’t expecting: she is physically disabled. However it doesn't take long to see that her disabilities don't hold her back, but instead add to her dynamic personality! Harper teaches the gang how something that you think can hold you back can make you that much stronger—all while being decked out in the most fashion forward wheelchair ever seen!
I know that this seems like nothing, but I've already heard from two different Archie Comics fans who are very excited to read about Harper's adventures. These fans have physical disabilities of their own. One particular fan shared her own struggles with progressive hereditary spastic paraparesis. She thought it would be cool if Harper was diagnosed with her own disability. She also wondered how Harper learned to cope with her disability. Does she ever use a walker? Does Riverdale High School have wheelchair ramps? Is Veronica embarrassed by her disabled cousin?

These are all great questions! I can't wait to learn the answers in ARCHIE #656!


Donny C Hampton said...

Hmmm, Harper Lodge looks Latina. Is Roni Lodge part Hispanic? I always wondered about that.

Jon said...

I noticed that too. But who knows who's married whom in Veronica's family. Plus, it's not unheard of for folks to have multiracial families (like my own!) through adoption.

GePop said...

Another bold creative move from Archie...I applaud them. But I only wish they had titled the story "Hats Off to Harper", so that it could also be a Led Zeppelin shout-out. :D