Monday, February 3, 2014

"Stan Lee's Mighty 7" on The Hub!

Archie Comics briefly published a superhero comic book called STAN LEE'S MIGHTY 7 a couple years ago. It's the story of the time that comic book legend Stan Lee mentored a group of alien superheroes and then sold the story to Archie Comics. In a nutshell. The comic book series was originally scheduled to run for six issues, but ended after only three issues.

I always assumed that poor sales killed the series. But multiple sources indicate that the comic book ended because there was interest in making the comic book into an animated series and/or animated television movie. Last year, it was announced that "Stan Lee's Mighty 7" would be premiering on The Hub with an all-star cast of voice actors and that animated movie finally aired this weekend.

And I really enjoyed it!

Some of the characters experienced some cosmetic changes during their transition from comic book to cartoon, but the animated movie featured the following characters: Strong Arm (a super strong space cop, played by Arnie Hammer); Lazer Lord (a laser-shooting hero, played by Christian Slater); Silver Skylark (a winged warrior, played by Teri Hatcher); Lady Lightning (a super fast hero, played by Mayim Bialik); Roller Man (a chubby guy who rolls like a wheel, played by Flea); Micro (a former thief who can shrink, played by Darren Criss); Kid Kinergy (a bald-headed telekinetic played by Sean Astin); and, of course, Stan Lee himself (who proved to be quite nimble for a 91-year-old man in more than one scene!). The Mighty 7 found themselves fighting against two separate enemies: military-based alien hunter Mr. Cross (played by Jim Belushi) and Xanar (played by Michael Ironside), the leader of the reptilian Taegon aliens!

There were a couple minor plot-issues that really got me laughing throughout the movie.

First, I'm glad that they didn't try passing Stan Lee off as a young guy. While he's probably more fit in the cartoon than he is in real life, they didn't try pretending that he's a youngster. Like the one time he quipped about needing to take an extra pill for his high blood pressure! Stan Lee is a 91-year-old man and he should be proud to play a 91-year-old man.

Secondly, people over at the Archie Comics Fan Forum were curious if Stan Lee was still going to try selling the story of the Mighty 7 to Archie Comics in the movie. The general opinion was that this detail would be dropped. But it wasn't! Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater showed up several times in the movie (though I'm not sure if he actually played himself). References to STAN LEE'S MIGHTY 7 artist Alex Saviuk were made in the movie. They even showed images of Archie and his friends early on in the movie. It was fun to see Archie Comics getting some props in the animated movie, even if we don't get to see the rest of the comic book.

But like I said, I enjoyed this animated movie. The characters were fairly interesting and they boasted a wide range of abilities. Not only that, but seeds were planted for future animated programs featuring the Mighty 7.

"Stan Lee's Mighty 7" airs on The Hub, which appears to be the go to place for Archie Comics-related cartoons these days. I missed the premier date, but caught the movie when it reran on Sunday afternoon. I assume that it will air again in the near future. You should check it out. It's a lot of fun.

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