Monday, March 31, 2014

Nero & Jonniemae Trouten Perform!

Stuffed Animal continues to create new artwork featuring the adult versions of the Archies -- as well as several of their friends. Check out this new cover image featuring Josie & the Pussycats, the Archies... and Nero!:

Nero has been making frequent appearances in Stuffed Animal's work for several months, but my drag persona Jonniemae Trouten is still relatively new. Looks like Jonniemae and Nero have finally recorded their own single. Check this out:

Stuffed Animal was curious what Jonniemae would look like as a red-head. I'm not sold. I was thinking black hair with red streaks, but Husband Mark thought that blue streaks might be even better! Thanks S.A.!


Don Charles said...


I think I've hit upon the perfect hair color for Jonniemae, using your suggestions as a jumping-off point. Wait 'til you see!!! BTW, as Ralfi Chingas' music director, Jonniemae will now be involved in everything he does with The Archies. Nero is so pleased at this development, he's wiggling his paws in the air!

Jon said...

Can't wait! ;P