Monday, March 31, 2014

Thousands Upon Thousands of Chickens Killed in Iowa Fire

There was a fire yesterday in Galt, Iowa, at an egg farm. No farm employees were injured in the fire but the chickens themselves did not escape unscathed:
Centrum Valley Farms Chief Operating Officer Steve Boomsma said in a release that the fire began in a barn where about 75,000 hens were housed. Boomsma said that in addition to that loss, smoke from the fire resulted in the loss of a flock of 75,000 hens in an adjacent barn.
It's unclear what caused the fire.

150,000 hens... Can you imagine 150,000 hens being crammed into two buildings? It boggles my mind.

 It makes you seriously consider going the urban chicken route...

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Alison said...

Once again I thank our local farmers here, so I don't have to support these horrific businesses. I wish everyone had that choice.