Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ARCHIE #655: Who Are the Good Guys of the Galaxy??

Fans of Archie Comics were treated to a great riff on Marvel Comics' Guardians of the Galaxy in ARCHIE #655! It's a fun space story where Archie and Jughead help Cosmo the Merry Martian repair his damaged flying saucer (reminiscent of this "Archie: Riverdale Rescue" scene!) and then find themselves recruited for a battle against one of the Galaxy's greatest menaces!

Readers had known about Cosmo's appearance in this issue, but an even bigger surprise came with the appearances of several other characters from Archie Comics' vault of nearly forgotten characters:

Captain Sprocket is a human superhero from the 1960's era ARCHIE'S MADHOUSE comic book. Captain Sprocket is known as the "world's only 3-in-1 hero." His powers include super-strength, flight, and spouting bad puns!

Captain Pumpernik is a space adventurer, also from the ARCHIE'S MADHOUSE comic book. He is a vegetarian vampire who would rather explore the moon than skulk in catacombs. I was probably most excited to see this rare character than any of these other Galactic Good Guys!

Super Duck is a 1940's era character. He had an ongoing comic book for nearly 20 years. If you ever get the chance, you should read some of his adventures. My biggest complaint about Super Duck's few contemporary appearances is that he's usually portrayed as a super-juggernaut. But the truth is that Super Duck was much more like Donald Duck (with a few Popeye the Sailor spinach moments during his first appearances) than he was ever like Krypto.

Lastly, we met Cat Girl. I'm pretty certain that she was a love interest to Red Circle's original Jaguar character -- or at least inspired by her, including her costume. She possess the typical cat-themed powers -- speed, agility, and claws. She also shares to strong attraction to Archie Andrews.

The Good Guys of the Galaxy have gathered in order to defeat the cosmic curse known as Ha'cha the Hottie. Not only does she boast ferocious flame powers, but she possesses a reality-warping gauntlet called the Miracle Mitten which causes nothing but trouble!

It's really unclear if Archie and the Good Guys can pull it together enough to defeat Ha'cha and her Cosmic Cuties. Will Archie sacrifice it all in order to save his new buddies?

"The Good Guys of the Galaxy" was written by Tom DeFalco, penciled by Fernando Ruiz, and inked by Rick Koslowski. It is a great story from start to finish. The humor is fresh and the artwork is some of the best Fernando Ruiz work that I've seen in a while. It's highly recommended.


kehau said...

"Captain Pumpernik is a space adventurer, also from the ARCHIE'S MADHOUSE comic book. He is a vegetarian vampire who would rather explore the moon than skulk in catacombs."

Was he a vegetarian vampire in the old comic book or is that a new thing?

Jon said...

I'll dig up my source later, but I'm pretty certain he was a vegetarian back in the 60s. Assume I'm remembering correctly unless I come back later and correct myself.

Thanks Kehau! :)

Jon said...

I just double-checked my source. It didn't clarify that he was a vegetarian, though this was merely a character blurb and not an actual story.

In other words, I'm not sure!! ;)

kehau said...

Heh. I wonder which writer decided to add that detail later, if they did. Pretty cute!