Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Archie: Riverdale Rescue": Clay Walker! // Update on 09/18/14: Where's Clay??

(Originally written on 06/14/14): I began writing about the "Archie: Riverdale Rescue" iOS gaming app back in October 2013. Since then, the game has expanded to PC users. It's an oddly addictive game where you are tasked with the improvement and beautification of Riverdale USA using a variety of recognizable characters, such as Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica. A big part of the game also involves building emotional bonds between the various characters, leading to romantic couples, BFFs, and overall friends. I thought it would be fun to discuss aspects of the game that I find exciting, disappointing, and/or note-worthy.

I wrote last weekend about a recent summer upgrade, which introduced three new buy-in characters (plus Caramel!). I noted in that article that an early glitch indicated that three other buy-in characters will apparently be brought into the game: Smithers, Svensson, and Clay Walker.

Clay Walker is a character from the soon-to-be canceled LIFE WITH ARCHIE. He was introduced in LIFE WITH ARCHIE #16 when he married an adult Kevin Keller. Clay later got shot in LWA #22, but he eventually got better.

(Clay Walker)
As I noted above, Clay has not yet been introduced to the game and I'm not sure why. I cannot help wondering if there might be some issue about him being introduced to the game because he's an adult character in the comics and Kevin in "Riverdale Rescue" isn't.

But last night, I was putting some work into a new house in order to upgrade to, when I skipped over a BFF-specific task. In "Riverdale Rescue," there are some joint tasks that can only be performed by Romantic Couples or by BFFs. When I clicked on that one BFF-specific task, a list of potential BFF characters were presented -- and one of those characters was Clay Walker!

When the summer upgrades occurred, there was a glitch that messed up most of the relationships. Some of these new characters were suddenly friends and BFFs with older characters. So it looks like Moose and Clay are BFFs in my own private Riverdale. Except that Clay -- despite being listed as a potential player -- isn't a player yet. I tried assigning Clay and Moose to a joint task and my game shut down!

Then this morning, an advertisement popped up encouraging players to purchase all of these new characters. Clay is among that collection of characters though you still cannot purchase him (or Smithers or Svensson).

I got to thinking that it would be interesting if Clay got introduced this month as part of a Gay Pride special, but I really don't think that's gonna happen. But I will keep my eyes open for the moment when I can finally introduce Clay Walker to my own private Riverdale and hook him up with Kevin!

Updated on 09/18/14: Not long after writing this original post, the folks at "Riverdale Rescue" told me that it would be a while before Clay was introduced to the game. They didn't quite tell it to me like this, but I read between the lines and came to the conclusion that they are struggling to introduce an adult Clay to the game and having him potentially dating a teenage Kevin! It's been a few months and there haven't been any new developments, so I just periodically check for updates and leave it at that.

Then I read the following update on Facebook from the "Riverdale Rescue" folks and decided to write the following offhand comment: Where's Clay??

I seriously didn't expect a response, but I got one:

So either the folks at "Riverdale Rescue" are putting me off, or else there will be developments soon. Maybe it will tie into the upcoming new 2015 KEVIN KELLER comic book? That would be pretty cool!

I will share more as I learn more!


Donny Jacobs said...

Shades of the teenage Nero getting involved with predatory cougar Fay Clitoris! These cartoon characters nowadays . . . they're just shameless cradle robbers!

Brian said...

I'd think it would make sense for Clay to be brought into the game as a teen. That's how old he should be at this time, since he's about Kevin's age isn't he?
I've really enjoyed your blogs on the Riverdale Rescue, and they've been really helpful to me getting started in the game - today's just my second day in the game, but it is really addictive!

Jon said...

Thanks Brian! So far, the Archie game folks have been expressed confusion on how to introduce Clay to the game. So he still hasn't appeared. But hopefully soon!