Saturday, June 14, 2014

Christian Writer John MacArthur Advises Parents to Shun their Gay Kids

Last month, my blog was visited by a commenter who searched for information about Debby Boone and ended up proselytizing to me. You can read our exchange in the comments section of this post. One of the Christian writers that she wanted me to read from was a guy named John MacArthur. To be honest, I didn't follow that particular link. Then earlier this month, his name came up again in another context. It took me several days to link John MacArthur in that other context to my own conversation with Joyce on this blog. Let's just say, I wasn't impressed with Mr. MacArthur...

I was recently directed to a blog post about John MacArthur. He posted a recent video onto YouTube, in which MacArthur instructed Christians to shun their gay Christian family members:

Among MacArthur's pearls of wisdom:
If they profess to be a Christian, you have to alienate them. You have to separate them. You can’t condone that. It’s inconsistent with Christ. So you isolate them, you don’t have a meal with them, you separate yourself from them. You turn them over to Satan as it were as scripture says.
I hang out on GCN a lot. I sometimes hang out on GCN too often for my own good. I read so many stories of LGBT Christians who have wasted years of their lives trying to appease anti-gay churches and family members. This advise is poison. It figures that Joyce would direct me to John MacArthur in an effort to poison my faith and destroy my family.

For the record, here are some posts I've written in the past about my faith:
Some of my thoughts have refined a bit over the past few years, but they are all essentially the same.

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Donny Jacobs said...

A certain fallen angel is busy preparing barbecue spices and smoke marinade for Jonh MacArthur's impending visit to a very tropical climate!!! What a #$$%&@!!!!