Sunday, June 22, 2014

Iowa City Celebrates 44 Years of Gay Pride

Yesterday was the Iowa City Pride Parade and Festival. Husband Mark and I were joined by Ms. Lion to cheer on the various entries. This was the 44th annual Pride Parade in Iowa City. Iowa City Pride originally started out in 1970 as a protest march, but has long since morphed into a celebration.

A few groups stood out in my memory:

The I.C. Kings drag king troupe always stands out as a fun group. The Roller Derby Girls  made sure we got lots of fliers -- and then after they finished their portion of the parade they raced back for a repeat performance! Then there was the Olive Garden folks. I cheered them on and ended up with a lap full of Oliver Garden mints! There was also a GSA from the local school district (I think their name is G.L.O.W.) and an Inclusive Scouting group marching in the parade. Also, lots of folks were there from the Johnson County Democratic Party, but nobody from any other political parties.

There were a small group of protesters who were holding signs and warning us of eternal judgement. I actually almost got beaned in the head by one of them when he suddenly hefted his sign up from the ground without paying attention as I was walking by. Fortunately, I noticed it before the sign connected with my head!

After the parade, I hung around with Mark for a bit while he waited to set up for the Saturday showing of "Before You Know It" and then I left before Ms. Lion overheated.

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