Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ms. Lion at Daycare -- 06/28/14

Ms. Lion and Nero spent a few days at doggy daycare while Husband Mark and I attended the first day of the first ever British Fest over in Omaha, NE. Usually Nero finds his mug plastered all over Lucky Pawz's blog and Ms. Lion hides in a corner whenever the two stop by for a visit. Over this weekend featured several pics of Ms. Lion and none of Nero. She actually appears halfway sociable. Almost...

Check it out:


Donny Jacobs said...

Ms. Lion will kill me for talking about Nero on her blogpost, but . . . my new graphic blognovel "Say Goodbye To Hollywood" is getting lots of hits, and Nero's fame is spreading far and wide. Archie Comics would be smart to kick Vegas to the curb and make Nero their Dog of the Hour. And they should hire Jonniemae, too!

Jon said...

Ms. Lion says that she wants to see more of the Pet Avengers being published by Marvel.

Nero agrees with you. He's tired of reading about Fifi and the rest of Veronica's Poodl Posse. He thinks that Riverdale is ready for a manly poodle!