Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Rumor: Marvel to Cancel "X-Men" Titles

I posted an article early this month about a rumor that Marvel Comics was placing its FANTASTIC FOUR books on hiatus in order to avoid giving Fox Studios "free publicity" during the production, promotion, and release phases of their upcoming "Fantastic Four" movie. Fox Studios also owns the movie rights to the various X-Men teams and character, but earlier rumors had indicated that Marvel Comics wasn't doing anything about those characters, despite greatly reduced internal promotion in favor of their Avengers titles and characters.

Now I'm reading new rumors about the X-Men characters and the company-wide cancellation of all these titles, starting with this anonymous posting:
Most of you reading this will initially react to what i have to say with skepticism. I'm a brand new poster with no posts. That's understandable. But i can only assure you that what i have to say in at this time and present is 100% true and will happen. I obviously can't release my sources but it's actually become an open secret within the marvel offices, and many are NOT happy. There have been a few leaks by various ''in the know'' people who work at marvel within the community and on personal blogs over the last few days. Don't be surprised when other sites/blogs start to come forward with more information soon. Obviously, these leaks on personal blogs have been redacted very quickly. Onto the dire news:

Marvel WILL be rebooting their entire line next summer, and they will be rebooting it without the X-Men. Without mutants at all. This includes Wolverine, Storm & Cyclops. Every mutant is gone. However, The Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver will be reintroduced as Inhumans. Although this won't apply to any other X-Men related characters. Currently unsure what will happen with Namor. It's currently unknown if any of the X-Men will ever return to the comics, but if they do it won't be for quite a while.

The X-Men as we know them will cease to exist by the end of Axis. Whatever this means, the end result is that the X-Men are finished. For the second time in 3 years the Avengers office will be hijacking what's going on in the X-Books to further their own stories, and once again Cyclops, as the face of the X-Men, will be portrayed as a villain. They're having him go full Magneto and he will die at the end of the event in shame. Bendis is NOT happy about having his stories hijacked by the higher ups, but he's going to be documenting Cyclops decent into insanity in the post ''Will'' issues of Uncanny so his characterization in Axis fits. Once Cyclops dies and with Wolverine also dead the X-Men will be reunited under Havok's leadership for a few short weeks in real time until the reboot, where all X-Books will be cancelled. The idea is, with Cyclops dead and buried, Marvel no longer have to worry about their ''mutant problem''. I can also confirm that the Scarlet Witch is the ''hero'' of Axis.

I know it sounds too crazy to be true, but i assure you it all is. There are clues for those who know what to look for ''out there'' already. I will update this thread as myself am updated.
Bleeding Cool, which was the first major source for the Fantastic Four hiatus rumor, has been questioning their usual sources and believe that this is a false rumor. According to BC, sources from both the business side and the creative side of Marvel Comics have dismissed this rumor. But I'm still suspicious.

I will say this. I keep hearing rumors of a company-wide reboot of Marvel Comics. DC has a habit of rebooting its comic book line. I came along for the ride when they did this in the 80s and then again in the 90s. But I haven't picked up a DC comic book for well over a decade due to rebooting. If Marvel Comics does indeed reboot, I imagine that Husband Mark and I will use that as an excuse to stop collecting comics from that company.


Donny Jacobs said...

I despise rebooting of characters! The new Green Arrow is an example: Can stand the new version. Wonder Woman isn't that good, either.

Jon said...

I haven't read DC is well over a decade, so I don't know how awful they currently are.

But I'm unhappy how Spider-Man's past already got undone (specifically his marriage reboot).

Donny Jacobs said...

Fortunately, there are reissues from the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics, and those are usually well-done, if pricey. One thing that always riled me was seeing Robin drawn with green or black tights. There is a subtle homophobia operating there; in the neighborhood I live in, any man who wears shorts "too high" above the knee is called a f*****. You can't show your legs, or your sexuality is suspect.