Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Public Policy Polling: 52% of Minnesota Voters Support Gay Marriage

Public Policy Polling just released the results of a new poll of likely voters from my home state of Minnesota. PPP found that 80% of Minnesota voters assert that gay marriage has had a positive impact on their life or no impact at all since it became legal in that state (20% positive/60% no impact) compared to 20% of Minnesotans who have experienced negative impact from gay marriage.

Meanwhile, 52% of Minnesotans believe that same-sex marriage should be allowed, 40% believe that it should not be allowed, and 9% just aren't sure.

Keep in mind that gay marriage has been legal in Minnesota for nearly one year. Meanwhile, Iowa has had largely trouble-free gay marriage for over five years and 42% of Iowans still want to void our marriages!

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