Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Solon Man Arrested // Accused of Hiding Camera in Public Restroom

I read today that a man from nearby Solon, IA, was arrested today after being accused of placing video cameras in a portable restroom in Cascade, IA. The cameras had been placed in a port-a-potty near a baseball field in Cascade and the investigation led to this guy in Solon.

I try not to judge much when it comes to fetishes and peccadilloes, but I really don't get guys who hide cameras in public restrooms. Too often, they're nasty and smelly. Plus, who wants to watch guys piss and crap? Not to mention that none of these guys being filmed want to be filmed pissing and crapping!

I've been hearing a lot about these types of stories recently. A law enforcement officer was recently arrested somewhere in Missouri for taping guys in public restrooms. And just last week, a camera was found in a public bathroom here in Iowa City.

So stop it folks! This kind of thing isn't cool.

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