Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Story of Disfigured Girl Getting Kicked Out of KFC Restaurant Appears to be Hoax!

Did you hear about the three-year-old girl from Jackson, MS, who was severely injured after being mauled by her grandfather's three pit bulls? And then did you hear about the time when she and her grandmother were reportedly kicked out of the Jackson KFC fast food restaurant because her scarred face disturbed the other customers. Her family posted this story on Facebook, which quickly went viral. The corporate KFC immediately apologized and donated $30,000 towards the girl's outstanding medical bills. Many others donated money to the girl and her family, which helped them raise $135,000.

Now it looks like the Jackson KFC incident didn't actually happen. KFC investigators reviewed the surveillance video footage at the Jackson KFC and supposedly didn't find any evidence of the young girl being at the restaurant on that day. Keep in mind that employees of this restaurant have faced death threats and had drinks thrown at them since this story went viral.

KFC has reportedly held firm with its intent to give $30,000 towards the girl's medical care, but others are upset that they donated money under these circumstances.

Meanwhile, the family has been advised by attorney's to avoid any further statements.

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