Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Dawn of X Continues in MEGA MAN #38

MEGA MAN #38 was released this past Wednesday. This is the second chapter of the four-part "Dawn of X" storyline featuring the historic first meeting of Mega Man and Mega Man X -- in theory. However, we are halfway through this crossover and I'm beginning to thinking that this is actually the historic first meeting of Mega Man's hat and Mega Man X!

Chapter two of "Dawn of X" has two stories that actually do manage to intersect over time. First, X finds himself battling Dr. Wily's giant Wily Walker battle-robot. Not only that, but the robotic beast escapes from Dr. Wily's hidden lair and threatens to destroy Arcadia City!

Meanwhile,  Xander Payne of the present-day Emerald Spear anti-robot terrorist group finds himself knocked across the timestream. He had originally intended to travel backwards in time and destroy all robots before they were ever invented. However, something happens in this story that manages to toss him forward in time to the era of Mega Man X!

Meanwhile, I don't think I'm spoiling too much to reveal that Mega Man was not killed at the end of MEGA MAN #37 -- though he did manage to lose his battle-helmet! Our title character spends his portion of the story trapping the Wily Walker in Dr. Wily's secret laboratory so that Mega Man X and Dr. Cain can find it and accidentally reactivate the giant battle-robot one hundred years from now.

Can I be even more confusing with this blog summary??

Needless to say, one robot has managed to crossover with both Mega Man and Mega Man X. I am assuming that our two main robots will eventually meet, but Wily Walker really seems to be the star of this show!

Of course, Mega Man's present-day battle continues to be secretly sabotaged by the not-so-rehabilitated Dr. Wily. He keeps guiding Mega Man through his secret lab in an effort to local a group of evil Robot Masters. Meanwhile, he keeps leading Mega Man into one trap after another and then getting away with it with a simple "Sorry!" You would think that Mega Man and Dr. Light would be more clued in, but not yet.

If you cannot tell, I'm enjoying this battle -- but I'm disappointed in the crossover. When Mega Man met Sonic last summer, they led into the storyline with the two character meeting and battling things out. And yet here we are two issues into a four-part crossover story and the two main characters haven't even crossed over!! That said, I'm hopeful that our two main characters will finally meet next issue.

"The Hunters and the Hunted" is written by Ian Flynn, penciled by Jamal Peppers, and inked by Gary Martin.

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Caramelo Del Belair said...

I like Rockman X, such a legend! better then Zero and the other reploids