Monday, July 28, 2014

Archie Comics Bringing Back Original Stories to Their Digest Titles!!

Vegas returns!!
I noticed a trend last month among all of Archie Comics' September 2014 digest titles. I then noticed a similar trend when it came to all of their October 2014 digest titles. It was a very exciting trend and one that I sincerely hope continues for a long, long time: Original Content!!!

Back in early 2013, I wrote up my pledge to Archie Comics. I made a pledge back then to support all of Archie Comics' comic books that contained original content. For too long, most of Archie Comics' digest books have been filled with nothing but reprint materials. That's great if you are a new or returning reader. But longer term readers eventually find themselves reading the same stories over and over and over. Comic books ain't cheap, so that's why I decided to dedicate myself (mainly) to their comic books that feature original content.

Since I posted my pledge, Archie Comics has published a handful of digests featuring original content (here and here, for example). But mostly it has been reprints, so I have focused mainly on their non-digest titles. Until now!

Check out these September 2014 solicits:

ARCHIE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #255: A night at the museum turns into a nightmare of historic proportions! Archie and Jughead are taking their Adventure Scout troupe on a trip to the Riverdale Museum—where an anonymous donor has gifted the museum with two Egyptian Sarcophagi (or is it Sarcophaguses?). But what‘s hidden inside is sure to surprise everyone! Find out what happens in “Mummy Mayhem!” the spook-tastic NEW lead story kicking off this JUMBO Comics Digest!

ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE COMICS DIGEST #9: Welcome to the year 2037, where Archie’s your tour guide of futuristic Riverdale, U.S.A! Meet “rob”—he’s not a new student at Riverdale High, “rob” is actually a kind of humanoid robot that has completely changed the world as we know it. “The Robot Millennium” is a BRAND NEW sci-fi story that kicks off this comics digest!

Who indeed?
BETTY & VERONICA COMICS DIGEST #227: Halloween’s not just for kids anymore—now even pets are getting in on all the fun! When Betty and Veronica notice a sign for a costume contest for pets they find it silly—but everyone knows the girls can’t avoid a friendly competition! Who will win best in spooky show: will it be Veronica’s pampered pooch or Betty’s feline friend? Find out in “Costume Drama,” the fun, NEW lead story to this comics digest!

JUGHEAD AND ARCHIE COMICS ANNUAL #6: The Riverdale Fall Festival is here, and Jughead’s unable to partake in the one activity he loves most—enjoying his food! Falling leaves provide a scenic backdrop and who doesn’t love jumping into piles of them—but there’s one disadvantage—getting them in your food! Will autumn finally leave Jughead alone and let him eat in peace? Find out in “The Fall of Jughead and Archie,” the hilarious, NEW first story to this fall-flavored Comics Annual!

WORLD OF ARCHIE COMICS DIGEST #43: Veronica’s throwing the Halloween bash of the year and everyone’s invited—human and animal alike! But when an unwelcome intruder tries to crash the party, the pets spring into action! Will they catch the evil villain, or will it ruin their monster bash? See what happens in the BRAND NEW story, “A Haunting We Will Go!”

And then there are the October 2014 solicits:

ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE COMICS DIGEST #10: ‘Tis the season to be jolly—and Reggie intends to be just that! He’s plotting to date five of the new female students at Riverdale High, and he’s even found a cheap, but expensive looking, gift he can use to impress them all. …Or at least he thinks it’s cheap! See the merry mix-up unfold in “It’s the Thought That Counts!” a brand new lead story to this fun-filled comics digest!

BETTY & VERONICA JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #228: The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to shop! Of course for shopaholic Veronica, that’s not a problem! When Mr. Lodge gets fed up with Veronica’s out of control spending habits, he demands that she get a job at the local mall. Of course, not one to do menial work, Veronica immediately takes over management of the mall. Will she transform the shopping center into a Winter Wonderland, or is she in over her head? Find out “Are You Being Served?” Then, in “It’s in the Cards,” Veronica’s got quite a collection of cards—no, not Christmas cards, credit cards! But who knew they could provide more than just a form of payment? Find out the other use of credit in this fun story! It’s two brand new stories in this jolly JUMBO comics digest!

JUGHEAD AND ARCHIE COMICS DIGEST #7: The gang gifts Jughead with a very special holiday treat—a brand new hat! He doesn’t have much in terms of money to gift his friends with in return, so he makes a list of the ultimate presents he wants to create for each of his friends. See what he wishes to buy his closest pals in “Fantasy Time,” a fun new story kicking of this comics digest!

SONIC SUPER DIGEST #9: Get ready for a SUPER SPECIAL EDITION of the Sonic Super Digest! Featuring an ALL-NEW STORY continuing the hit SONIC COMIC ORIGINS mini-feature blasts into your hands as that boisterous southern belle, Bunnie Rabbot, takes center stage! Learn how everyone’s favorite bunny bomber overcame her tragic disability to grow into the freedom fighting powerhouse she is today! Then, continue the fun with more classic adventures from the Sonic comic library as well as special features focusing on the brand new Sonic Comic Universe only Archie Comics and Sonic Super Digest can bring! 

WORLD OF ARCHIE COMICS DIGEST #44: The holidays are in full swing at Riverdale High, and Archie is determined to be Veronica’s Secret Santa. When he pulls someone else’s name, he has no choice but to find out who has Veronica so he can switch with them. This leads him on a wild goose chase around school—it turns out a lot of people wish they had picked someone else, and it sets off a chain-reaction of switching names! Will he ever find out who is the mystery person who picked Veronica’s name? Find out in “Secret Santa Secret Swap,” the brand new lead story to this Christmas comics digest!

If you haven't guessed, I'm very excited about this. I mean, it's sad that LIFE WITH ARCHIE got canceled and we get to see the cancellation soon of KEVIN KELLER. On the other hand, there's a lot of material coming out soon featuring Sabrina the Teenage Witch and several of the old Dark Circle/Red Circle heroes. But those books are going to be marketed towards teens and adult readers.

These new digest tales continue to reach out to Archie Comics' younger audience. Plus it provides new content for us longer-term readers who want to get our Archie fix every week, but who stopped buying the digests because there was nothing new. Now there is and I'm very grateful to Archie Comics!!


Anthony said...

I wonder if the rather large-looking amount of new material's due to the digests selling much better than the single-issue comics. That, and they're down to a rather appallingly low two of those: Betty & Veronica and the core Archie title itself. Everything else is digests, licensed material (Sonic/Mega Man), superheroes (the Dark Circle upcoming imprint) or mature readers stuff (Afterlife).

Anonymous said...

I love the subtle Afterlife With Archie reference.....

Donny Jacobs said...

Even Hot Dog pales in comparison to Nero! I'm holding a grudge because Jon Goldwater and Company fail to see a star right in front of them. I've sent quite a few Nero cartoons to Mamaroneck.

Jon said...

All dogs pale when compared to Nero, Donny. That's a given! ;p