Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Archie Struggles to Windsail in ARCHIE #657!

I just got done reading ARCHIE #657. This summertime issue is set on the beach. Archie spends much of this issue trying to learn how to windsurf. There is this windsurfing contest and he wants to beat the reigning champion, Biff Logun. And he wants to win the contest because he is jealous of all the attention that Veronica is dumping on Mr. Logun!

There is a big problem with his scheme though. Archie isn't very good. Fortunately, he learns that Cheryl Blossom is a very good windsurfer. Will she help him learn how to windsurf good enough and quick enough to win this contest??

Meanwhile, check out our beefy Biff! He definitely has his eyes on Veronica. Or does he???

Lastly, I am a sucker for old-school Archie Comics and MLJ characters! This issue features the Madhouse Glads, plus several characters from the "Wilbur" and "That Wilkin Boy" comics books! I can't get enough of that!

Tom DeFalco has been hitting homers with his latest Archie Comics offerings (including last week's BETTY & VERONICA) and this one was no exception. It is definitely worth picking up, especially for the twist-ending involving Kevin Keller on the final page of this issue! "Windsurfing Woes" was written by Tom DeFalco, penciled by Pat & Tim Kennedy, and inked by Rich Koslowski.


Anthony said...

Just read this issue (catching up, I know). Liked the ending, but one nitpick---a character named "Biff" didn't shout "Andrews!" (or "Keller!") once?! ;-)

Jon said...