Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Archie's Life is Celebrated "One Year Later" in LIFE WITH ARCHIE #37

LIFE WITH ARCHIE, the comic book title that got me back into reading Archie Comics as an adult, ended today with issue #37. Issue #36 was published last Wednesday and grabbed tons of attention for it's "Death of Archie" ending. One week later, the haters have moved on for something else to rage against and this final episode -- set one year after the shooting death of Archie Andrew -- proved to be a bittersweet recollection of Archie's life in Riverdale.

Much of LIFE WITH ARCHIE #37 focused on Senator Kevin Keller's quest for remembrances of Archie anticipation of a community dedication of his remarkable life. What followed are several stories of Archie (told by Mr. Weatherbee, by Mr. Lodge, by Jughead, and by Cheryl Blossom) that highlighted his sense of sacrifice, ingenuity, friendship, and heart.

These stories highlight what we have grown to love about Archie over the years. It's easy to get caught up in the ebb and flow of his romantic life, but there is another element to Archie Andrews that is often portrayed. He is always there for his friends -- especially in time of need. In this way, he exemplifies the spirit of Riverdale. It's only fitting that the life of Archie lives on long after his death. Not in the form of a memorial statue, but in the renaming of Riverdale High School. Long live Archie Andrews High School!

* Life With Little Archie?? -- There was a familiar trio wandering the streets of Riverdale throughout this issue. Could they be shades of the past AND a hint towards the future? Or am I reading too much into their appearance?

LIFE WITH ARCHIE was a great series and I'm really sorry to see it go away. "One Year Later" was written by Paul Kupperberg, Penciled by Fernando Ruiz and Pat & Tim Kennedy, and Inked by Bob Smith and Gary Martin.


Donny Jacobs said...

Typical of Kansas City, the "Death Of Archie" issue isn't for sale here anywhere yet. If we're lucky, copies will arrive at Barnes & Noble next week . . .

Jon said...

Yeah, they were under-ordered, over-sold, or a combination of the two here in Iowa City. Fortunately, I got my copies thanks to my pull list!

Donny Jacobs said...

I got issue numbers 36 and 37 today (my first variant covers!) and devoured them along with my lunch. I'll have more to say to you privately, but my general feeling is: Loved issue #36 (with qualifications that have nothing to do with Kupperberg's excellent story), not so much issue #37. And let me say I think there are enough hints in both issues to conclude that "Archie Marries Veronica" was the timeline they went with. If it had been "Archie Marries Betty", there'd have been no need to conceal it; but people really seem to get p*ssed when they think about Arch marrying up Roni!