Monday, July 14, 2014

Details Surrounding Archie Andrews' Death Are Revealed!

I wrote back in April about Archie Comics' plan to cancel LIFE WITH ARCHIE and, as part of that storyline, to kill off Archie Andrews. There have been a ton of articles today about this week's LIFE WITH ARCHIE #36, which is where it all happens. This is what you need to know about LWA #36:
* Archie gets shot.

* He takes a bullet originally meant for Senator Kevin Keller.
LWA #37 will focus on the reactions of his friends and family members.

Let's get this part out there right away. Archie Andrews will continue to appear every month in the ARCHIE comic book. He will continue to appear every other month in BETTY & VERONICA (except when he doesn't). He will continue to battle the undead hordes every month in AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE. He will continue to appear several times monthly in all of the various comic book digests that Archie Comics publishes every month.

This comic book death happens only in the LIFE WITH ARCHIE magazine-style comic book featuring two worlds. In one world, an adult Archie Andrews married Betty Cooper. In the other world, he married Veronica Lodge. Both worlds are somewhat similar, but also very different. This comic book has been written much more like a serialized soap opera and has tackled everything from death to breast cancer to new babies to local shootings to marital separations.

If half the people who are now complaining about Archie's death actually read the book that they are bemoaning, then maybe 1.) the book wouldn't be canceled and 2.) they would understand that Archie Andrews will live on beyond this storyline.

Oh, did I mention complaints?? Check out some of these screen grabs that I pulled off of Archie Comics' Facebook page. Sadly, it has gotten worse as the day has progressed. I whited out the names of Facebook commenters, though it would have served them right if I had left these intact. Check this out:

All I can say is that people need to chill out. This is a comic book character who will continue to appear in news stories every month for years to come.


Donny Jacobs said...

Point well taken, Jon, but on the other side, Archie Comics certainly had to expect some negative reaction when they chose to pursue this storyline. It sucks for those of us who did read LWA, because it means the end of the adult storyline for Archie characters.

I thought that storyline had an endless amount of potential; but of course, I have my own adult Archie storyline, which goes where no Archie Comics writer, artist or editor has ever gone before! And Nero is in the house! 'Nuff said!

Jon said...

Don't get me wrong. I truly don't think Archie Comics us seriously concerned about negative Facebook comments or other forms of criticism for how this book is ending.

Most of these folks aren't buying the comics and the news is reminding folks that Archie Comics is still around and publishing books about gays and zombies and witches.

Donny Jacobs said...


The folks at Archie, Incorporated can have the zombies; I ain't interested in the walking dead. But they should leave the LGBT folks and the witches to me: Non-heterosexual cartoon characters that cast magic spells, keep company with singing poodles, take all their clothes off and skank around with each other . . . it's mad groovy, dude!

Steveinthecity said...

It's sad that the majority of people commenting negatively most certainly have no current connection to Archie and any story lines. The furor will subside in a few days and all the torch and pitchfork wielding buffoons will seek out a new target.