Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michelle Shocked Releases Album Filled With Silent Songs

Remember alt-folk singer Michelle Shocked? Back in March 2013, she surprised her typically progressive fans at a gig in San Francisco when she went on a "the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry" rant followed by as assertion that "God hates faggots." Not surprisingly, her audience reacted poorly to this. Word spread and she refused to respond outside of a series of cryptic tweets about "truth vs. reality." She eventually lost a series of gigs, leading to a bizarre protest at the site of one cancellation by Shocked herself. Shocked eventually went on CNN's Piers Morgan Show and clarified that she is "not homophobic." She also was probably the most direct with her stated beliefs during this interview, but the damage had already been caused. More recently, she performed at an anti-gay "family values" event with professional anti-gay activist/gay erotica writer/bi dad Robert Oscar Lopez.

Michelle Shocked is in the news this week after announcing that she has released an album consisting of silent songs named after a variety of music industry professionals:
The 11-track album, titled Inaudible Women, is available for purchase on cdbaby.com, with silent tunes — most clocking in at less than a minute — named after such high-ranking digital music execs as SiriusXM executive VP/general counsel Patrick Donnelly and Clear Channel executive VP/general counsel Robert Walls. 

“Inaudible Women” also features a song named after journalist Chris Willman, a contributor to Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter who wrote about Shocked’s anti-gay comments at a San Francisco concert in 2013. Willman proudly announced the inclusion through a Facebook post on July 25.
Shocked has indicated that the silent songs at the "Inaudible Women" album contain high-pitched frequencies that can be heard by dogs. She plans to use the money raised from this album to fund her upcoming fall music tour.


Donny Jacobs said...

Sounds like mental illness to me, Jon. Sad. There is so much of it around these days; and who's to say I'm totally "there" my damn self? Sometimes Nero gives me that "All righty, then! Whatever floats your boat, buddy" glance of his, and looks at me sideways as he walks away! Stressful living does have a way of un-hinging a person.

Anthony said...

How can you be an anti-gay activist *and* write gay erotica/be bi?!

And yes, this Shocked person sounds quite sad...

Donny Jacobs said...

The answer to your very-well taken point about Michelle Shocked: Deeply internalized heterosexism, and quite possibly mental illness. Nero is looking at me sideways again!