Friday, July 25, 2014

Mock Election Held at Johnson County Fair in Iowa: Braley, Hatch, and Pop are the Winners!

The Johnson County Fair just ended yesterday. I was away attending a family funeral for most of the week and couldn't bear the heat for the rest of it, so I didn't make it. It looks like the Johnson County Auditor's Office held a Mock Election this week in order to help people learn how to operate our election equipment, as well as to have a little fun. 1118 people voted in this Mock Election. These were the results:

Keep in mind that Johnson County leans heavily towards the Democratic Party when you consider these results:

U.S. Senate:
Bruce Braley (D) 593 votes (55%)
Joni Ernst (R) 400 votes (37%)
Dout Butzier (Libertarian) 78 votes (7%)

Jack Hatch (D) 528 votes (49%)
Terry Branstad (R) 475 votes (44%)
Lee Hieb (L) 77 votes (7%)

Public Measure: Name for Carbonated Beverage:
Soda 340 votes (32%)
Coke 74 votes (7%)
Pop 617 votes (57%)
Tonic 47 votes (4%)

It isn't looking very good for those of us who do not favor Gov. Branstad when he barely loses in Johnson County. I'm just sayin'!

Register early and don't forget to vote in November!!

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